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Biking in Marche and Abruzzo, a unique experience

The Italian on Tour offers an unparalleled ability to explore the Italian countryside by bike. In the same day one can experience climbing a high mountain pass, riding on gentle hills covered in vineyards and biking through medieval towns rich in history

Much like Tuscany, Marche is composed by stunning hills that are home to olive groves, vineyards and oak forests which produce truffles year-round. What distinguishes your riding experience in Marche from any other in Italy, is the absence of heavy car traffic. All our rides are created to maximize your time on the bike and offer a safe environment in which you can enjoy your surroundings with great support.

Unlike other bike tours, your experience with the Italian on Tour can be fully customizable and every detail is looked at to ensure your experience is nothing but memorable.

Many of the roads you will travel on are only known to local riders and offer incredible views of the two national parks that surround the city of Ascoli Piceno, which will be the base of your tour.


What food will be available on our ride?

In Italy we do things a little bit differently. Aside from bars, gels and other food we are accustomed to on the saddle, your meal for the ride is prepared the same morning.

Who wants to chew a protein bar all day anyways! Grab that warm bread with prosciutto to refuel yourself Italian style.

What food will be available after our rides?

At the Italian on Tour we visit only the finest establishments in Marche and Abruzzo. We believe eating the freshest ingredients is an important component of enjoying your ride and feeling replenished the next day. Our meals will vary, from rustic and traditional cuisine to truffle heaven in Michelin-rated restaurants. What truly distinguishes us from any other bike tour is the fact that we also organize culinary and historical experiences which means we offer tremendous quality and value.

 Your ride will never be dull and neither will your dinner plate

Do I need to bring my own bike?

We are happy to provide you with a bike. Our partnership with the local bike shop will give you the ability to ride a high quality carbon frame as well as being personally fitted to your bike prior to the start of your tour. If you rather use your own bike we will make sure it will follow you wherever you go.

I heard Pros get massages after every ride, can I do the same?

Replenishing your energy is very important and any good rider will agree that a great massage can make your next ride much more enjoyable.

We offer private massages at your hotel by expert soigneurs and sports masseuse that are at your service.

What does my skill level need to be?

Our tours are fully customizable and can be of any level. Our rides can range from easy strolls around town, to medium length rides on the surrounding hills all the way to ascending a Hors catégorie (HC) climb that was included in the Giro d’Italia.

How long are the rides?

The fully customizable tours offer rides of various lengths. An average ride will be between 60 and 100 km long with some rolling hills and maybe a climb or two. If you would like to challenge yourself with a 200 km ride  and climb 10,000 ft in a day to test your strength that is also possible!

Who is leading the way?

Your guide is a passionate bike rider with unmatched knowledge of local rides and 20 years of experience in the area leading small groups of passionate cyclists. He has chosen the most spectacular and challenging routes for your trip.

Riding with the pros is surely fun but they will not tell you much about your surroundings. Instead your guide is a professional sommelier and historical connoisseur, letting you in on the secrets of the territory you will visit as well as sharing interesting facts throughout your ride.

At The Italian on Tour we are proud to offer a unique ride environment, where the bike, local cuisine and historical background melt together to create the perfect journey.

Why choose Us?

Bike tours have become more popular over the last decade. As an avid bike rider our Founder Giovanni Dagostino has also had the chance to try other tours in Italy. Most of these options are extremely unaffordable and tend to offer a journey that revolves solely around the bike.  At the Italian on Tour we have incorporated the successful experience of our regular tours into the bike trips. We offer the option to ride, eat, and learn like a passionate local rider.

This means you will be riding with locals and not just with pros and support vehicles, which we believe truly takes away from an Authentic experience.  Your guide has picked rides that are not only unique, but offer a chance to take something home that is more than a picture or a souvenir. An example is our ride that goes by the marble caves, where you will admire the cutting of marble straight out of a mountain.

We even have rest days, just like the Giro D’ Italia

In line with our idea of total enjoyment, we offer rest days where you will experience the best private tour of Italian wineries, olive oil producers and medieval towns.

Every ride will offer a bit of history, outstanding food and a whole lot of authenticity

About our partners

Our bike partners are not only expert’s mechanics and shop owners but are also professional riders who have trained with the like of Tour de France winner Vincenzo Nibali. They will fit your bike to you like a glove when necessary and join us on rides.

Why should you be limited to one bike brand? We team up with numerous bike brands to offer you multiple options for your bike rather than a single brand like most of our competitors, as we believe no single brand fits all body types.

Where is our company located?

Our Italian office is located in Ascoli Piceno, a city older than Rome with a rich past to be discovered. Unlike most tour companies, which are completely based abroad, we are locals who are part of the community and offer an authentic experience which is impossible to construct with headquarters in another country.


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“Being keen cyclists, Giovanni personally guided us on one of his favorite training rides and went above and beyond by organizing everything in advance including the bike rentals and a much needed massage”


British Columbia, Canada

“The lunch for the ride was something to remember..freshly baked bread, top quality proscuitto & asiago cheese. The best paninos ever!”


British Columbia, Canada

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