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Small Group Tours to Experience the history and cuisine of our territory

Food & Culture, Small Group Tours in Marche, a better way to travel

We believe unique travelling experiences are difficult to achieve in large numbers, something too often associated with tourism in Italy.

What we define as a small is not groups of 10-20 people, but rather less than 8 people.  This translates into outstanding customer service and a more personable experience. Groups of 8 people or less enable you to create new travelling companions that are passionate about Italy in the same way you are and experience travel at the forefront rather that from the back of the crowd.

Our decision to travel in small groups is also reflected in our commitment to offer warm and authentic historical accommodations located in the medieval center of our home town. We would not want our guests to miss out on the experience of staying in a 500-year-old building just to accommodate greater numbers on our tours.

You will never just be a face in the crowd to us because we recognize each one of our guests as unique and strive to make your stay as exceptional as YOU are.

small group tours FAQ

What if I am not a food or wine expert?

Our tours are directed at food and wine lovers of all kinds. Our main goal is for you to enjoy every aspect of our tours.  You do not have to be an expert in either area. Just come with an empty stomach and have your taste buds ready for the culinary adventure of a lifetime!

What kind of service can I expect?

Our Service is Personal!  From the moment you book a tour you will be dealing with Giovanni and Chantelle.  We will be here for you, even before you step foot on Italian soil, we’re always at the end of a phone or email to answer any pre and post-trip planing questions. Once with us we will be at your service 24-7.  We’re passionate about Italy, and we’re 100% committed to ensuring you have the best, most authentic Italian experience possible.

Our Wine cellar visits and tasting

On our first day together, accompanied by our certified guide and sommelier, we are proud to offer a fun and informative class on how to taste wine. Learning the basics will make our cellar visits and cooking courses more engaging, as well as provide you with the tools to recognize the attributes that make a wine exceptional.

How do I reach Ascoli Piceno?

Direct connections to Ascoli Piceno are available daily with “Start” and “Cardinali” leaving from both Rome’s Fiumicino Airport and downtown Rome.  This buses depart from the Bus Depot in Terminal 3 arrival at Fiumicino’s airport and the current schedules can be found here and here.

Ascoli Piceno is also reachable by train which runs along the Adriatic coast, making it easy to reach from other parts of Italy, including Venice and Milan.

If arriving from other destinations within Italy please contact us for more information as we are only ever an email or phone call away.


 A full-bodied experience from the cellar to Your dinner plate

What is the size of your food & culture tours?

Our decision to conduct tours in small groups is based on our belief that traveling in large numbers takes away from your experience. To offer an authentic journey and give each person individual care and attention we never travel with more than 8 people. Most of our competitors define small groups as 12-20 individuals and outsource their service providers making it difficult to maintain quality. By personally leading all our trips your experience with us, is more of a custom one.  By choosing us you are choosing quality, care, and personalized attention from the time you book to the time you depart Italy!

What kind of dining can I expect on your tours?

Each one of our tours offers a culinary journey of renowned local cuisine and traditional dishes that are harmoniously paired with local, organic, or award-winning wines. On every tour we visit an array of establishments: from small family-owned restaurants to world-class kitchens.  At The Italian on Tour it is our goal for you to savour the best Le Marche has to offer! 

Each day is full of fresh & local ingredients, allowing you to truly experience slow-food & zero-km dining from where it all began. Throughout your time with us, you can expect anything from a hearty four-course meal at a local Agriturismo to refined dining that brings a modern take on regional historic dishes giving any Michelin starred chef a run for his money!

If you have more questions about dining on ours tours check out our FAQs, or drop us an email here!

Who will be leading the way?

100% Italian, 100% Local

Your guide has been a global cultural ambassador for Marche spanning over 15 years, introducing many visitors to this up and coming but lesser known region of Italy. Passionate about food he is an olive oil and wine sommelier that brings with him an international culinary resume and love for our land. With this personal knowledge and local connections he will give you the all access pass to the local scene ensuring your journey with us will be nothing less than authentically Italian.

You will never be just a number

Our decision to conduct our tours in small groups of 4-8 people is based on our belief that large numbers take away from authentic experiences and each person receives a smaller amount of care and attention during their trip. For this reason you will never feel like just a number with us. Our cooking classes will always focus on you. Our wine tastings will be conducted with somebody at your side and anytime you might have a question there will be somebody there to help you.

What are your cooking classes like?

Each cooking class will focus on using local produce often grown on site. Expert hands will guide you every step of the way. Often a Mamma or a Nonna will drop in to make sure things are done properly and helping you perfect your dish. The main objective of our cooking courses is for you to have a good time and learn how to make traditional dishes in an authentic and relaxed environment.  There is more to Italian food than Lasagna and Pizza and we are here to show you!

Why choose Us?

At the Italian On Tour we have designed journeys that revolve around you. This translates to a balanced use of your time so you can take full advantage of your experience with us, without the pressure to spend hours in a van everyday, which often happens on tours of this type in Italy.  The wine producers, chefs and hosts are part of a tight community that is real and not simply created for the duration of your trip. Our journeys aim to make introduce to the people, the land, and immerse you in the region we call home. That being said we are proud to think that we offer the finest food, wine and experience Italy has to offer this side of the Adriatic!

Every Cellar Visit will Get you in Touch with the people, and not just the product 

offering an experience that is nothing short of authentic

About our partners

We partner with world class wine producers, local farmers and restauranteurs that represent the soul of our territory and take pride in the quality of their work. Our partners grow vines in full respect for the land and use only the freshest ingredients. Often the owners will be greeting us and showing us around the cellar and serving us at their restaurant rather than a hired host or hostess as found in other busy regions of Italy. We ONLY work with very small producers and local farmers to offer the most authentic experience.

Where is our company located?

Our Italian office is located in Ascoli Piceno, a city older than Rome with a rich past to be discovered. Unlike most tour companies, which are completely based abroad, we are locals who are part of the community and offer an authentic experience which is impossible to construct with headquarters in another country.

Sample Two Regions in Just 5 days
The Italian on Tour - Small Group Tours in Italy

One week of eating, exploring and just being Italian

The Full-bodied Experience: organic wines, fine-dining, and farm-to-table cuisine infused with the culture of our territory

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