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Gluten-Free Tours in Italy, a safer way to travel Italy

Italy is a place everyone should experience once in their lifetime. This belief is at the foundations of our Gluten-free tours.  We believe that part of visiting Italy is getting to know its culture through its cuisine and this experience should be accessible to everyone.  We understand that living gluten-free is not matter of choice but a matter of health. Our desire to share our insider knowledge and “Our Gluten-free Italy” with Celiacs around the world led us to create our exclusive Gluten-free tours of Italy.

If you are Celiac, or have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, our tours were designed with you in mind! Made for the gluten-free foodie that wants to explore Italy’s many plates without having to worry or sacrifice their health in the process.

We are on a mission to provide you with great delicious gluten-free food that is representative of the territory while taking you on a journey that gives you a unique and in depth local experience of Italy. Rest assure that when you travel with The Italian on Tour, your experience will be nothing short of authentically Italian and gourmet gluten-free.

Gluten-Free FAQ

How can I be assured that my meals will be properly prepared gluten-free?

From the hotel to the cuisine on our tours we never compromise authenticity and your health.  We use only providers that are knowledgeable in the handling and preparation food for Celiacs, and are on a mission to share the flavours of the territory with those who are dining gluten-free. You can relax knowing that Italy’s National Celiac Organization certifies many of the providers we use, and provides education to restaurants all over Italy, giving you peace of mind so you can sit back, relax, and unwind on your Italian vacation with us.


What is the food and dining experience like on your Gluten-free tours? 

The love of food runs deeps in the souls of Italians, and that translates to a greater understanding that being celiac and maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle is not a choice, but a matter of health.  On our tours not only will you be able to dine worry free, but you will be able to dine authentically.  The quality of your culinary experience will be no different than that of our other tours, except that we will dine only with partners that understand and know how to prepare dishes for Celiacs.  If you want an authentic Italian experience where you can relax on your vacation knowing the food is safe, then choosing to travel gluten-free with The Italian on Tour is the perfect solution for you!

Who is Your Culinary Leader?

100% Italian, 100% Local

Your guide has been a global cultural ambassador for Marche spanning over 15 years, introducing many visitors to this up and coming but lesser known region of Italy. Passionate about food he is an olive oil and wine sommelier that brings with him an international culinary resume and love for our land. With this personal knowledge and local connections he will give you the all access pass to the local scene ensuring your journey with us will be nothing less than authentically Italian.

Who is the mastermind behind your Gluten-Free itineraries?

Chantelle is your Trip Designer and fellow gluten-free foodie.  Living in Italy, and having travelled all over Italy while adhering to a gluten-free lifestyle, she understands the importance of maintaining a gluten-free diet and the difficulty that Celiacs face when trying to travel abroad.  Chantelle has carefully curated the itinerary for our Gluten-free Italy tour based on her personal favourites and has eaten at every restaurant we will visit, ensuring your trip to Italy will be nothing but deliciously divine.

What sets your gluten-free partners apart?

On our Gluten-free tours the partners we use are no different than our other tours, with the exception that we use only local establishments that are educated and knowledgeable in preparing gluten-free cuisine for Celiacs.  We always choose partners that maintain our values, staying true to our Italian roots, and representing the soul of our territory. Rest assure that when you travel with us the quality of the food on our tours will never be compromised and the partners we use will handle your meal preparation with care, offering you the most authentic Gluten-free Italian experience available on the market!

If my travel partner isn’t Gluten-free, are they still welcome on your tours?

We understand that not everyone will travel with a partner that maintains a gluten-free diet and fully welcome all participants on our Gluten-free tour.  Chantelle has designed every culinary experience around enjoying and experiencing good food, that just happens to be prepared Gluten-free!  If you plan on traveling with a travel partner that does not want or need to adhere to a gluten-free diet just advise us ahead of time and we will ensure everyone’s dietary needs are met, giving you a culinary journey that is nothing short of deliciously authentic!

I am interested in one of your other trips, can you make it Gluten-free?

With some careful planning and advance notice we are able to adapt any one of our tours to be Gourmet Gluten-free. Simply inquire with us directly at, or add the Gourmet gluten-free supplement to your booking, to make any one of our ready-to-book itineraries completely Gluten-free.

Why choose our Gluten-Free tours of Italy?

Planning your vacation shouldn’t be a stressful event, riddled with doubt and worry about where, what, and how are you going eat.  At The Italian on Tour we understand the importance of dining Gluten-free for maintaining wellbeing and believe that dining Gluten-free in Italy should be as rewarding and delicious as if you were dining without dietary restrictions.

We take care of all the details, ensuring the food is gluten-free and Chantelle, your resident G-Free Foodie, has personally vetted all the restaurants and wineries we will visit on our tours.


About our partners

We partner with world class wine producers, local farmers and restauranteurs that represent the soul of our territory and take pride in the quality of their work. Our partners grow vines in full respect for the land and use only the freshest ingredients. Often the owners will be greeting us and showing us around the cellar and serving us at their restaurant rather than a hired host or hostess as found in other busy regions of Italy. We ONLY work with very small producers and local farmers to offer the most authentic experience.

Our cooking classes

Each Gluten-free cooking class will focus on using local produce often grown on site. Expertly trained hands will guide you every step of the way. Often a Mamma or a Nonna will drop in to make sure things are done properly and helping you perfect your dish. The main objective of our Gluten-free cooking class is for you to have a good time and learn how to make traditional dishes in an authentic and relaxed environment.  There is more to Italian food than Lasagna and Pizza and we are here to show you how to do it Gluten-free!

You will never be just a number

We believe unique travelling experiences are difficult to achieve in large numbers, something too often associated with tourism in Italy.

What we define as a small is not groups of 12-20 people, but rather less than 10 people.  This translates into outstanding customer service and a more personable experience. Groups of 10 people or less enable you to meet new travelling companions that are passionate about Italy in the same way you are and experience travel at the forefront rather that from the back of the crowd.

Our decision to travel in small groups is also reflected in our commitment to offer warm and authentic historical accommodations located in the medieval center of our home town. We would not want our guests to miss out on the experience of staying in a 500-year-old building just to accommodate greater numbers on our tours.

You will never just be a face in the crowd to us because we recognize each one of our guest as unique and strive to make your stay as exceptional as YOU are.


Where is our company located?

Born in Canada, made in Italy.  The Italian on Tour maintains its local status with an office in Ascoli Piceno, a city older than Rome complete with a rich past to be discovered. Unlike most tour companies, which are completely based abroad, we are locals who are part of the community and offer an authentic experience which is impossible to construct with headquarters in another country.

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