Why Us?

Because Italy is our Passion

Tours in Italy connecting you with the local scene


Arguably, the most important part of our tours is the authentic level of the experience that our clients embark on when they choose The Italian on Tour.

We understand the level of customer service that North America is accustomed to and we strive to provide it on every level, from our accommodations and transportation to our gastronomic experiences.

We organize exclusive tours of Marche and its surrounding areas, taking you to visit and eat at the special spots and places that we bring our family friends that come from abroad or other regions of Italy.  Each place has been tried, tested, and tasted by us in order to give you the most genuine experience of Italy available.  This does not only mean tasting the local cuisine, learning how to make native dishes but also being exposed to the amazing history of the Piceni, a population that inhabited the region of Marche and central Italy for over 3,500 years.


Our Values


Italian food culture is ingrained in our souls. We have scoured this region of Italy to find you the perfect restaurants, wineries, and producers that epitomize and represent the true Italian ways of life and our love for this land.


We do our best to maintain a balance between relaxation and travel. By minimizing your time on the road, The Italian on Tour gives you the chance to discover the place you are visiting, wander the cobblestone streets, and feel the heartbeat of the town you are staying in.


We take quality seriously, never underestimating the ingredients that go into making our tours an exceptional plate. We have personally selected partners that believe in our values and truly showcase the best that Italy has to offer.


Bringing the high-level of customer service we are accustomed to in North America, we have personally researched, and planned all our tours. We take every step to ensure you will enjoy a truly authentic and relaxing Italian experience.  We will be fully at your disposal throughout the duration of your stay, offering complimentary cell phones to ensure we are never more than a phone call away.


Every experience at The Italian on Tour is 100% Italian. We put great importance on the food, culture, traditions, and history of the places we take you and the partners we work with.  As part of this philosophy we stay true to our Italian roots by working with partners that maintain a dialogue between their traditions and the land.  Bringing you the best of what is in season, and never forgoing local, for mass produced and fabricated cuisine or experiences.



We are not just about travel. We are about creating memorable experiences of a lifetime.  Here at The Italian on Tour we believe the best trips are the ones where you don’t just see the sites, but where you feel the rhythm of the place you are staying.  By getting to know the people, the food and the culture of Marche you gain a life enriching experience, allowing you to take home a piece of our Italy with you!

Why the Italian on Tour?

Because you will explore undiscovered and ancient areas of Italy in Marche, Abruzzo, and Umbria in a unique way. These regions of Italy have experienced hardly any tourism from abroad, allowing you to enjoy the most authentic experience that Italy has to offer.

On our tours you will be able to participate in activities not normally accessible by tourists, such as becoming a cheese maker for a day, and learning the secrets of this ancient practice in a small family run cheese factory.

If you are looking for a truly outstanding experience away from the other busy areas of Italy and would like to receive an unparalleled level of customer service, The Italian on Tour is for you!

Our tours are small, never more than 8 people.  They offer an exceptional experience of the places we visit, with a focus on personally taking care of you every step of the way.




It is all about you.


We will ensure you find the perfect itinerary, suitable for your travel preferences:

  • We accommodate guests with food allergies, celiacs, and vegetarians (Please notify us in advance in order to give us time to accommodate any food preferences or allergies you may have.  Please note that despite our best efforts we cannot be held accountable for any cross contamination may occur throughout the duration of your journey with us).
  • We introduce you to small wineries where you will learn about the process of making wine and be able to taste the final product.
  • Travel with us for a 5, 7, or 9 days, or design a customized tour of any length!
  • Your experience will be in small groups from 4 to maximum 8 people. This ensures you individual attention throughout the duration of your stay with us.
  • During your trip you will always have access to a fully bilingual and local Trip Experience Officer.
  • A chance to learn how to make traditional Italian dishes with local chefs
  • Travelling is always done in comfortable and private vehicles
  • We can arrange for personalized tours (with no minimum guest requirement of two)
  • Private shopping trips to the best shoe outlets and artisans in Italy.

Exclusive accommodations

Our accommodations capture the essence of the region. At the Italian on Tour we select your accommodations carefully and offer a

variety of options. Whether you choose an Agriturismo that grows most of its ingredients on site, a 17th century Villa or a boutique hotel in the center of town, you will find yourself in a warm place rich in history and character.

We have personal relationships with all the owners of the establishments we deal with and can accommodate many requests for your stay.


At the Italian On Tour we offer unparalleled customer service.  The founder, Giovanni Dagostino will be your Trip Experience Officer and will accompany you everywhere you travel, offering all of our services in English, and hand-selecting all the partners we work with, from restaurants to hotels and daily activities.  We will also be there to recommend restaurants and activities for your free time in the city of Ascoli Piceno, making sure there is never a dull moment during your vacation with us!

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