Planning a trip to Italy in July? You’re probably wondering what July weather in Italy is like, how it will shape your plans, and how to pack for your Italian vacation. That’s why we’ve got answers for you! After having spent years traveling every summer to Italy and leading our boutique small group tours, we’re no strangers to the nuances of Italy’s July weather! Grab a pen & paper, and get ready to jot down some notes about how to pack and plan for July weather in Italy while enjoying some of the country’s most breathtaking attractions. 

An Overview Of July Weather in Italy

July weather in Italy brings endless sunny days that are perfect for exploring historic villas by foot, visiting Italian wine regions, and enjoying warm evenings sipping an aperol spritz (or two) in the piazza.

In Northern Italy, you’ll find that it is typically between 65 – 85 degrees fahrenheit or 18 – 29 degrees celsius during the month of July, making it rather mild and refreshing for the mid-summer months. One thing to note is that if you’re traveling to the Dolomites or the Italian Alps, be prepared for drastic temperature differentials and be sure to pack with layers in mind so that you’re not caught off guard by potential hot and cold days that often happen in the mountains. When traveling to Central Italy in July, where many of our small group tours take place, the temperature is typically a gorgeous 65 – 90 degrees fahrenheit or 18 – 32 degrees celsius. Make your way to Italy’s southern regions, in July, and you’ll find the temperature typically hovers between 75 – 100 degrees fahrenheit or 23 – 40 degrees celsius – and sometimes much higher! Which is why we personally stray away from traveling to Sicily and Puglia during peak summer months and instead stick to Central and select Northern regions of Italy.

july weather in italy

How to Pack for July Weather in Italy

Since July weather in Italy is warm and relatively rain-free, it is highly recommended that you pack cool, light clothes that will keep you comfortable under the Italian summer sun. Come prepared with sleeveless shirts, shorts, dresses, and skirts, as well as a few light blouses, pants, and a sweater, just in case you encounter an air conditioned restaurant, or Italy’s largest Roman cisterns & Europe’s biggest karst cave system (which you can visit on select tours with us). As for footwear, shoes with support for walking uneven cobblestone streets are essential. All of Italy’s small hilltop villages, and even more touristy cities like Venice, are best visited by foot! With that being said, if you have a romantic evening planned, it’s always good to bring something a little more dressy, depending on what activities you have planned.

Still not sure what to pack for your Italian Vacation? Download our free Italy packing guide  and check out our Ultimate Guide for What to Pack for Italy to ensure you pack everything you need and leave behind everything you don’t!

july weather in italy

Things To Plan for During Your July Trip to Italy

The Quintana

The Quintana is Italy’s largest medieval jousting festival that takes place in the town of Ascoli Piceno in the Le Marche region, home base for some of our tours. During the Quintana, locals gather to watch an adrenaline pumping tournament involving jousting, flag waving, a lively parade, drumrolls, and opulent costumes. 

The festival is held in July and August; however, we recommend attending in July as this portion of the event takes place in the evening which makes it better than sitting outside during the day when the August Quintana takes place. You can learn more about exact dates and activities here. The Quintana is a great time to visit one of Italy’s most underrated towns. When packing for the Quintana, be sure to bring your comfy walking shoes, as you would for any outdoor festival! 

Don’t want to spend the entire evening outdoors? No problem! You can view all the beautiful costumes when the entire town and many surrounding villages meet in Piazza del Popolo (the People’s Square) to view the beginning of Quintana’s medieval re-enactment.


Sunflower Season in Le Marche

July is the peak of the sunflower season in Le Marche, making it  an excellent time to experience the region’s patchwork of sunflower fields in full bloom. Each year the exact location of the sunflower fields change as sunflowers are a crop typically used for crop rotation to replenish the nutrients in the fields.  On your July tour with us in Le Marche, you’ll be taken through the scenic route to visit award-winning wineries and some of Italy’s Most beautiful villages, giving you plenty of opportunity to capture the perfect sunflower photo op.


Macerata Opera Festival

The Macerata Opera Festival is held in the town of Macerata, also located in the Le Marche region. Taking place at the Sferisterio arena, this annual event is the perfect option for opera-lovers and sight-seers alike. The Sferisterio arena is a beautiful, open air stadium built in the 1820’s and has been graced by many incredibly talented musicians and composers. The event takes place over several weeks with multiple operas being showcased and additional concerts directed by internationally esteemed composers held intermittently. 

The Macerata Opera Festival takes place from mid-July to mid-August. If you want to attend, be sure to book in advance so that you don’t miss out.  Not sure what things you need to book first when planning your trip to Italy? Click here to uncover How to Plan a Trip to Italy 

Pro-tip: When packing for the Opera Festival, it is important to keep in mind that the dress code is formal, so be sure to pack a suit or a dress before you hop on your flight or leave enough room in your budget to purchase some Italian fashions on trip to Italy


Head Underground to Cool Off Midday

When planning a July trip to Italy, one activity you should consider is heading underground to cool off inside one of the country’s many caves, cisterns, or grottos. These subterranean spaces provide a refreshing escape from the summer heat and can offer a unique and exciting adventure. Some of our favorites include the Grotte Frassassi, the largest network of Karst caves in all of Europe as well as Italy’s largest Roman Cisterns, both which you can visit on select tours with us!

It’s important to bring appropriate clothing and footwear. When packing for this type of activity, opt for light and breathable fabrics to stay cool in the caves and wear sturdy and comfortable shoes that can handle uneven damp terrain. By planning ahead and packing smartly, you’ll be well-prepared to explore Italy’s underground wonders and beat the summer heat. Which brings us to the next best way to beat the midday July summer heat in Italy.


Soak Up The Sun Poolside

One of the best ways to enjoy July weather in Italy is by soaking up the sun in the Italian countryside while relaxing  poolside surrounded by vineyards – something you can do practically every day when you join us on select tours to Italy! When packing for your countryside retreat, be sure to bring a bathing suit, outdoor leisure shoes, like flip flops or sandals, sunscreen, and a hat or sunglasses. Not a fan of the pool? You still may want to pack that swimsuit to enjoy the spa that is located underground in the boutique 4-star hotel or the above ground spa at the wine resort on select tours that you can travel with us on.


Enjoy Grilled Arrosticini

This popular barbecue dish is a specialty in the Abruzzo region and consists of small skewers of lamb, seasoned with salt and cooked over a special charcoal fired grill made just for Arrosticini. The juicy and flavorful meat is best enjoyed with a glass of the local Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine while sitting around the table with 4 generations of Italians inside their home, something you can experience when you join us on Italy’s Epicurean Journey or Italy Undiscovered

july weather in italy

Don’t Forget to Plan in Advance

Lastly, when planning a July vacation to Italy, planning well in advance is key. July is high season in Italy, so you’ll not only be competing with other tourists for hotels, flights, and tours, but also other Italians who love to take their July summer vacations in Italy. Not sure how far in advance or what order you need to start booking things? Check out the blog on How to Plan a Trip to Italy!

Are you looking for more packing tips or wondering how to avoid mistakes during your trip to Italy? If so, click here to get our Ultimate Italy Packing Guide and here to read about the top 9 mistakes even the smartest travelers make during their first trip to Italy. 

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