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Travelling a region with everything from snow-capped mountains to Blue flag beaches you will be able to have the total Italian experience, and the cuisine showcased at The Italian on Tour is no exception.  From fine-dining in ancient medieval fortresses, to a relaxed evening at a family-run agriturismo, every meal, every place represents a unique niche of regional cuisine that we believe embodies the best of Italy.  Although every place is exceptional on its own, every meal you have with us maintains one commonality:  farm-to-table.  Locally grown and freshness are not a bonus, here it is just how things are done.

The honest connection of the producer to the land and constant pursuit for quality directly translates to the food and drink. This pride in regional cuisine, respect for the land and local traditions can be tasted in all three parts of Italy visited on our tours: Marche, Abruzzo, and Umbria.


Marche’s cuisine varies within the region, offering everything from succulent seafood dishes to handmade egg pasta from Campofilone, the world capital of premium egg pasta production! And a perfect backdrop for the black and white truffles that can be found in Marche’s interior. The cuisine is symbolized by the Oliva all’Ascolana. So much that twice a year the town of Ascoli Piceno holds the world Oliva all’Ascolana Festival.  These lightly fried olives are stuffed by hand with a secret mix of meats and cheeses and are found throughout Marche on almost every menu. We will unlock the secret to this recipe and you will discover how to make these delectable delights by hand. The hills around Ascoli Piceno are a thriving wine region and varieties that can be found here are Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Pecorino and Passerina. Each one of these varieties matches perfectly with traditional dishes from the area, making every menu a full-bodied experience.


Renown for its savoury meat dishes, which appear throughout its rustic and traditional cuisine, Abruzzo is every meat-lovers dream. Being a mountainous region beef, sheep and goat are often used and offer a stunning variety of novel gastronomy. Near the coast world class producer of Olive Oil is produced from pristine and pesticide free olive varieties. Of course, savouring Abruzzo would not be complete without a visit to the local wine producers of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Trebbiano. One of the top 5 producers of grapes in Italy, Abruzzo is also home to some prestigious wine makers that work exclusively with Organic and Biodynamic wines.


The areas of Umbria we will visit at The Italian On Tour are close to Norcia, the birthplace of Italian charcuterie. One of the tastiest prosciutto in the country is also produced exclusively here and uses the mountain winds that invade the valleys below to dry the prosciutto. Umbria’s cuisine is based on peasant dishes which have changed over the years and have been revisited by local chefs still retaining the soul of their ancient food traditions.

Many of these dishes can be found in the higher mountain regions of Monte Sibillini National Park.  Here you will taste the unique lentils of Castelluccio, which are matched to local legumes exclusive to this region, such as Cicerchia and Roveja. The area of Umbria is also mills these legumes and ancient flours to make delicious desserts and breads.  Very unique, and a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, they are an excellent way to end an authentic Umbrian meal!

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