Until the end of the 1990’s Venice was notorious in Italy for not offering decent quality pizza. Pizza chains dominated Venice for decades, often being the only way to get a slice of the most quintessential Italian food while visiting. Most of the pizza was made with frozen bases, something that was born out of need as it was not possible to have a proper “forno a legna” (wood fired oven) within the city limits. With the advent of new technology and in particular with the electrical oven, which now produces amazing results that surpass traditional wood fired ovens, things started to slowly change. 

Another problem came from the fact that in general, Venice has never offered great food, as the assumption is that most customers only eat here once in their lifetime and then leave. Around 15 years ago Neapolitan pizza arrived in the city and now most of the great pizzerie are making the original pie from southern Italy. This is something different than what we have been used to seeing in Venice in the past, when stretched out pizza was king and the “cornicione” (the thick tall borders of Neapolitan pizza) were nowhere to be found.

Here are our top picks if you are looking for the best pizza in Venice:


Located in the center of Venice, Aciugheta is a fun little place to bring friends to, it offers a simple menu with less than 15 pizze (plural for pizza in Italian), none of which are complicated but instead it offers traditional toppings like hot salame (diavola), capricciosa (a mix of everything veggies and meat) and the classic, tuna and onions.  Its top notch service will impress you as the pizzeria is part of the restaurant “Ridotto”, which garners Michelin-starred cuisine. Here you’ll find the dough to be soft and delicious, as a true Neapolitan pizza should always be. Plus, a nice selection of cicchetti and other regional dishes, just in case you don’t feel like eating a pizza. 

Address: Campo Santi Filippo e Giacomo, 4357, 30122 Venezia VE

Price range: €15 – €20 

best pizza in venice italy

Pizzeria Grigoris

The best pizza in Venice, Italy is not “actually” in Venice after all, but in nearby Mestre, in Asseggiano, just 15 minutes from Venice. Pizzeria Gregoris is truly unique. Inspired by Neapolitan tradition they use live yeast, which makes the pizza a bit less soft and heavy. The toppings are stunning, with only the freshest vegetables and cured meats available making it on the ingredient list. Plus seafood lovers will delight in the great selection of seafood pizza that is available including the “gambero rosso di Mazara” (a delicious red prawn from Sicily). The strong point of this pizzeria is the prices, as the owner has been adamant about offering gourmet style pizza in Venice, Italy that remains accessible to everyone. Reflecting the Italian tradition of pizza being “for the people”. 

Address: Via asseggiano 147, Mestre, Venezia

Price range: €12 – €15    

best pizza from venice italy

1000 Gourmet

There’s a reason why 1000 gourmet has another location in Naples; they try to be as true to the name as possible and offer traditional Neapolitan pizza. Simple toppings and a large selection of different flours make this a great stop for pizza in Venice when inside the city limits. They also make the best gluten free pizza in Venice, Italy in case you are struggling to find something decent that is gluten-free. A large selection of appetizers is also offered as well as local dishes which always are a welcome addition to the traditional pizza menu.

Address: C.de de la rizza 475, Venezia

Price: €8 – €15


Alla conchiglia

Alla conchiglia has been serving pizza in Venice for 25 years, Maurizio and his wife will always welcome you with open arms. Their pizza is halfway between the crunchy Italian type and the softer Neapolitan, therefore pleasing many different palates. Order a classic such as “Margherita” or “Marinara” or something unique such as the pizza with sundried tomatoes and pesto. Some great Naepolitan classics are also offered, the “friarielli and sausage” (Rapini and sausage) pizza which is not to be missed!

Address: Via Trieste, 122, Venezia

Price range: €5 – €10

best pizza from venice italy

An italian food expert’s tip for eating pizza in Venice, Italy

There are many places that offer good pizza in Venice that have not made it on our list. At times the best pizza can come from a simple bakery and can be picked up at any time of the day. Don’t shy away from trying something on the go but make sure to ask if the pizza was frozen or if they made it themselves, generally that makes all the difference. If at all possible, try pizza in nearby Mestre where there is more choice and remember most pizzerie in Italy are only open at night unless the spot is very touristy. 



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