Naples is not only the birthplace of Pizza as we know it today, but remains the world capital of pizza. Pizza Napoletana is a cornerstone of the local cuisine and culture. Story narrates that in 1889  Raffaele Esposito, a local pizzaiolo, made the “ Pizza Margherita” in honor of Italy’s Queen Margaret of Savoy , who was visiting Naples at the time. The Margherita represents the colors of the new Italian flag: red, white and green. To this day it is the most eaten pizza in Naples. Things have evolved even further now with numerous pizzerias on our top ten list of where to eat the best pizza in Naples, Italy having an entire separate menu dedicted just to the Margherita.

There are stringent rules surrounding Neapolitan pizza. The pizza must be made with San Marzano Tomatoes, which are grown in the fertile soil of the volcanic region of Mount Vesuvius and mozzarella di Bufala Campana, which is made with the milk of water buffalo raised in the marshlands of Campania and nearby Lazio. The Pizza must also be cooked at a high temperature for no more than 90 seconds. 

You can discover more about Pizza with our Ultimate Guide to Pizza in Italy.

The defining fact of Neapolitan pizza it the “ Cornicione”. A thick crust surrounding the pie which sets it apart from all other pizza style in Italy. It still continues to be the the most loved pizza in the city which is validated by the sheer number of Pizzeria in Naples, offering an overwhelming choice where it’s your first trip to Naples or one of many.

This is why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 places to eat the best pizza in Naples, Italy.  Read on for our picks!


Masardona has gotten better generation after generation thanks to the guidance of Enzo Piccirillo and his sons Salvatore and Cristiano. Since 1945 this spot has been offering traditional neapolitan recipes such as the “pizza fritta”.  Pizza Fritta is fried pizza which is often made with ricotta cheese and delicious pork rind. Typical street food of Naples, that you can simply folde and enjoy while walking around the city. 

They also produce some Amazing desserts. A must try is the “ battilocchio” which is two fried pizza doughs filled with handmade chocolate and one of the best gelato in Naples, Italy. 

Address: Via G. C. Capaccio, 27, Naples

Phone: 08-28-057

Prices: By the slice 

La Notizia 

Since 1994 this pizzeria, owned by Enzo Coccia, is one of the highest rated in Naples. Before Neapolitan pizza was so famous around the world Enzo anticipated the wave of modern pizza makers. This anticipation led him to always concentrate on the best ingredients and studying of new yeasts to create dough that is more easy to digest. This is the best pizzeria in Naples for traditional tastes like the quintessential Margherita with local yellow sweet tomatoes and the marinara with anchovies and fresh oregano. So light, you’ll want to order another pizza before even finishing your first one! A special mention goes to the “ Cosacca” , a special kind of Margherita and the “San Gennaro DOP”, made with yellow sweet tomatoes. 

Address: Via M. Da Caravaggio, 53, Naples

Prices: €7-€15

Phone: 081-7142155


Oliva da Concettina ai Tre Santi – Best Pizzeria in Naples, Italy with a Top Wine List

One of the institutions for the Best Pizza in Naples, Italy is owned by Ciro Oliva. This pizzeria offers the most articulated pizza menù you might ever see in your life! With 5 different Pizza Margherita to choose from, each pizza can be paired with a different beer or wine glass. Oliva da Concettina ai Tre Santi offers currently three fantastic menus: Naples, Sanità and the Gastronomy experience. Each menu begins with a delicious sandwich made of fried pizza dough and various pizza slices. Arguably the best service you will find in a Pizzeria in Naples, Italy as it also has a top notch wine and Champagne list.

Address: Via Arena della Sanità, 7 bis

Prices: €5-€12

Phone: 081-290-037


10 Diego Vitagliano – Best gluten-free pizza in naples, italy 

Diego Vitagliano started making pizza at 16 in another pizzeria in Naples, Italy called Carmnella (one of the oldest in the city). His pizza is traditional neapolitan, light and soft but with a touch of crunchy.  It is highly recommended to start with one of the many interpretations of the classic Margherita and then move to the tuna belly with tomatoes, caramelized red onions and fresh mint, a one-of-a-kind Pizza in Naples you’ll never forget. It alone makes the trip worth it!

Their Gluten free pizza menu is the most extensive in Naples with over 18 pizzas to choose from. 

Great service all around and an extensive beer and wine choice are presented by the sommelier, a rarity for a pizzeria.

This pizzeria is always open, lunch and dinner 7 days a week but call ahead as it is very busy on weekends. 

Address: Via Nuova Agnano, 1 

Phone: 081-858-1919

Prices: €6-€12


Da Attilio alla Pignasecca

In the heart of the historic center is “ Pignasecca” (which literally translates to dry pine cone). Da Attilio has always been considered one of the temples of Pizza in Naples, Italy. His pizza is traditional and the menu concentrates on the great classics such as the Margherita and the Marinara. Some special pizzas are also available such as the Carnival pizza with local ricotta, San Marzano Tomatoes and a tasty mix of Parmigiano and Pecorino topping. A family friendly pizzeria whose walls tell the story of the many locals and tourists that visited this institution of Pizza in Naples. 

Address: Via Pignasecca, 17, Naples 

Phone: 081-552079

Prices: €5-€10



Arguably one of the most renown Pizzerias in Naples and in all of Italy. Gino Sorbillo has become an influencer and international star. Gino started by delivering Pizza as a teenager for his family pizzeria which was one of the oldest in Naples, operating since the 1930’s. His is a traditional Neapolitan pizza has the perfect crust and is generous in size. Can’t make it to Naples anytime soon? No problem! You can now find Sorbillo in Miami, New York, Tokyo and also Milan. Although word on the street is that it never quite tastes the same as the original in Naples. 

Address: Via dei Tribunali, 32

Phone: 081-446643

Prices: €3.50-€10


Francesco and Salvatore Salvo 

A true gem amongst the many pizzerias in Naples, it has been voted as the one with the best service in the city. The brothers Salvo and Francesco specialize in the leavening processes. As well as creating the best fried dough that you can get in Naples at the moment. Try the “Oceano” ( Ocean) with buffalo ricotta, pink pepper, lemon zest and smoked amberjack fish filets or the Oshirase, which took inspiration from Japan and is made with beef filet and the so loved “ Friarielli” ( broccoli rabe). 

An honorable mention to the Pork Frisk, a pizza made with pork belly cooked at low temperatures, fennel and anise.  

Address: Riviera di Chiaia, 271, Naples 

Phone: 081-3599926

Prices: €6-€13


50 Kalò

Ciro Salvo is a third generation Pizzaiolo widely considered one of the masters of the “neapolitan dough” . He keeps on experimenting despite his deep knowledge. His pizzeria, 50 Kalò, is also one of the busiests in Naples with lineups that are well worth the wait. All 20 pizzas concentrate on the best possible ingredients often from local producers. There are 6 vegetarian pizzas on the menu, as well as the fried pizza, another great tradition in Naples. A must try is the “ Alleanza del Sud” (Southern Alliance). A celebration of Southern Italy’s best ingredients like the famous Onion from Tropea in Calabria and the spicy “ Diavola di Castelpoto”, made with buffalo burrata and fresh sausage. 

50 Kalò is also one of the few top pizzerias in Naples, Italy that is open everyday. 

Address: Piazza Sannazzaro, 201b

Phone: 081-9204667

Prices: €5-€10

Website: www.50kalò.it


Now in the fifth generation of pizza makers, Starita is a pizzeria that has it’s roots as the familiar local joint to grab a slice of the famous fried pizza in Naples. Despite immense success, time has not changed their menu drastically. With the main attraction being the fried pizza. Pizza fritta is part of the local culture and unlike regular pizza it has not been widely exported internationally. So it’s a great idea to try it while in Naples. The stuffed zucchini flowers and the suppli’ are a must when eating at Starita. They are first lightly fried then finished in the oven for a crunchiness that has no comparison. Do not be discouraged by the lineups as they move very quickly. 

Address: Via Materdei,27

Phone: 081-544485

Prices: €4-€10


Sasà Martucci I Masanielli 

If you’re looking for something different this is the place to visit for a special pizza in Naples. The pizza here is first steam cooked, then fried, and then placed in the oven. Sasà Martucci creates a airy dough with excellent hydration that is so light and it will keep you wanting more. They even sell it by the slice so you can share different kinds of pizza without having to order a full one each time. 

Great attention is given to the environment in this pizzeria. They even offer a pizza called “ Mangiafoglie” (leaf eater) for which a tree is planted every time it is ordered. All the energy of the pizzeria comes from renewable sources. The choice has been made to buy mostly products that come from sustainable producers as well. 

The must try here is called “The ammiraglia” ( literally means the flagship).  It’s toppings include: roasted tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovies from the mediterranean sea.

Address: Via Antonio VIvaldi 23

Phone: 0823-220092


Prices: €6-€13




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