The history of Roman Pizza is a young one, beginning just after the end of WWII. Pizza in Italy gained popularity outside of Naples starting in the 1950’s. This was a time when new pizza making techniques appeared and when a new kind of pizza emerged that was made to be enjoyed outside of the standard restaurant environment. 

Pizza in Rome split into three main branches:

Pizza del Fornaro

Traditionally this type of Roman pizza was cooked inside the same oven that baked bread. A method of making some of the best pizza in Rome that can be traced all the way back to the 1800’s. When the bread ovens are turned off, the steam left after baking the bread helps cook pizza bianca and rossa in a more gentle way. 

Fun fact: temperatures needed for bread are too aggressive for a pizza. 

Pizza in Teglia, alla Romana

This style of pizza was served by many places in Rome during the 70’s and 80’s. It was often very thick and heavy, resulting from a short leavening process that only lasted 5-6 hours. Thankfully Roman pizza makers have improved on this method and now the Pizza in Teglia you’ll find in Rome is lighter and more darning! Often laced with toppings that would have been completely unheard of  just a few years ago (No, not pineapple! Some taboos are never meant to be broken! LOL). 

Pizza Tonda

This is the round pizza pie we all love. Always served at the table and often in the local Trattorie as an extra on the pizza section of their menu. 

As you can see, not only do you have A LOT of pizza places in Rome to choose from, but a vast variety of pizza types in this area of Italy to go with.  That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite places to eat pizza in Rome, so that you can taste every single type available. So let’s get to it!

best pizza in rome italy


When searching for the Best Pizza in Rome, what you’ll find available today is the result of decades of trial and error peaking in the 1990’s when the father of Contemporary Roman Pizza, Gabriele Bonci,  changed the game with a long leavening process. This made pIzza alla Romana easier to digest. His “Pizzarium” is the first on the list as to this day it is considered the gold standard of Pizza alla Romana, as well as the best Pizza by the slice in Italy. 

It is here that Modern Pizza as we know it, was born. Gabriele Bonci, now an international cooking superstar, has turned what was once traditional pizza in teglia, into something avant-garde. All the toppings are sourced from local producers with which he works closely with to ensure the best possible ingredients for every single one of his creations. Netflix even made a documentary about him that is definitely worth a watch before your trip to Rome! 

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Recommended flavors to try: Asparagus and egg pizza, the puttanesca with capers and the Arancini alla Carbonara.

Pro-tip: Get your place in line early and be ready for long waits on the weekends and during peak times. 

Price range: By weight starting at €1.50 for 100 grams of pizza. 

Address: : Via della Meloria 43, 00136, Roma 

Tonda, where to get the best pizza triangles in Rome

A Roman institution, Tonda is often fully booked out. The long leavening of their dough and quality toppings make this pizza in Rome one-of-a-kind. Tonda’s pizza is a midway between Neapolitan pizza and Pizza alla Romana while still maintaining its own unique identity. In addition, they offer excellent “Trapizzini” which are triangles of pizza with gourmet toppings that give you the best of roman cuisine in just one bite!

Recommended flavors to try: Cacio and Pepe, Diavola and the Trapizzini. 

Price range: €8-€15

Address: Via Valle Corteno, 31, 00141, Roma 

Seu Pizza Illuminati 

Pierdaniele and his partner Valeria opened their first pizzeria together after he obtained fantastic results with traditional pizza pies at another location. In addition to his classic flavors (see below), the sweet pizza made with strawberries, cane sugar and ricotta with lime, will leave you speechless. The fried food is also excellent and not greasy at all. 

Recommended flavors to try: His classics such as the “ Three P’s”  Provola, Patate and Pesto  as well as the “ Amatriciana”, decisively spicy and crunchy.

Price range: €8-€16 

Address: Via Angelo Bargoni, 10, 00153, Roma 

La Gatta Mangiona (The hungry cat!)

It’s here that Pizza in Rome has grown slowly over time to reach new levels of excellency. There’s even a section dedicated to the queen of Pizza: the Margherita. There is also a regular menu in case you would like to try some of the famous roman dishes and a serious wine list to pick from, something of a novelty for a Pizzeria. 

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Recommended flavors to try: The Saporita, with tomatoes, mozzarella and anchovies. The Calabrese for the lovers oh heat, with Calabria’s typical nduja and sundried tomatoes.  

Price range: €9-15€

Address: Via Federico Ozanam, 30-32, 00152, Roma

Pizzeria Sancho 

If you watched the Netflix series Chef’s table Pizza you already know this name. Sancho is where Gabriele Bonci used to go to eat a slice of pizza to get inspiration from when he was first starting out. 

Since 1969 the De Lelio family has been making Romans happy with its creations. They were one of the first to put gourmet ingredients on pizza and are considered one of the absolute best when it comes to the crunchiness of their dough. New creations are offered on a regular basis, making the trip to Fiumicino (near the airport and a famous beach location for Romans) a must. 

Recommended flavors to try: Try the octopus and potatoes and the tuna with caper pizza. Do not miss their large selection of Suppli, delicious bites of fried rice and sauce or their “maritozzi” made with the same pizza dough and served as a small appetizer. 

Price range: By Weight, depends on the flavor you choose

Address: Via di Torre Clementina, 142a  

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