Italy is always a good idea, but when the Fall rolls around, the “bambini”(children) go back to school and the country returns to its regular pace of life making it the perfect time to see and experience the natural rhythm of Italy’s “La Dolce Vita“.

If you have been asking yourself “When is the best time to visit Italy?” then keep on reading for our Top Reasons to why Fall is the Best Time to check Italy off your bucket-list.

The Crowds

Now that everyone is back to school, the peak of the tourist season has died down, leaving the streets comfortably open for you to walk and explore at your own pace.  You will have no need to waste time waiting in line for museums or worrying about finding a spot to dine al fresco. By nixing the crowds, you can sit back, relax, and truly enjoy everything Italy has to offer making Fall the best time to join a small group tour or plan a trip to Italy.

The Weather

Italy is known for its hot summers of 35 degrees plus (95 Fahrenheit), relegating you to shower twice daily and only adding to the discomfort while waiting in those long lines outside the Vatican.  By visiting Italy in the Fall, you will forgo the high heat and humidity all while still enjoying days of 25 degrees (77 Fahrenheit) or more.  Heck if you are from Vancouver, that is still summer weather which brings us to our next reason why Fall is the best time to visit Italy.

The Beach

Skipping the sweltering heat of Italy’s summer, and the crowds adds up to the perfect time to visit Italy’s beaches.  In early Fall, the tourists and locals empty out from the main beaches and Italy’s most popular seaside villages.  Forget squeezing in like a sardine, in early Fall Italy’s weather is great and there is no competition for the perfect spot to sunbathe.  If you are “Fortunato” (Lucky), you might even get the beach all to yourself!

Truffle Time

Now that the weather has started to cool down truffle season starts to roll in, making a visit to Italy in the Fall the best time to taste and sample one of Italy’s most famous delicacies.  Although truffles are offered throughout the year at many restaurants, planning a trip to Italy in the Fall is the safest way to ensure you are paying only for fresh local truffles, rather than those frozen or preserved so they can be served throughout the year.

Seasonal Ingredients

Italy is blessed with a cuisine that not only varies regionally, but also seasonally and locally.  The best time to visit Italy to taste autumn dishes is when they are prepared with ingredients at the height of their season.  Mmmm did someone say fresh handmade potato gnocchi is on the menu tonight?  Well if gnocchi are not your thing there are plenty of other delicious fall delicacies to taste and many “Sagre” (Local food festivals) for you to visit making Fall the best time to travel Italy to experience the local autumn cuisine. Which brings us to our next reason why Fall is the best time to visit Italy.

It’s Harvest time!

The abundance of mouth-watering, local produce that Fall brings not only leads to months of food festivals, but the best time to visit Italy to experience the Wine and Olive harvest.  If you want to get up close and personal with how wine is made, then Fall can be the best time to visit vineyards and book a wine tour to taste the abundance of the harvest first-hand.

There you have it, Fall is truly one of the best times to go to Italy.  You will experience fantastic food, great wine, and the beach all while reaping the rewards of low season prices. With careful planning you can check off all of our highlights on your bucket-list. However, if you are looking for an easy and relaxed way to experience Italy during the Fall months then one of the best ways to travel Italy is with a small group tour.  You’ll get everything and above all without the worries of planning and navigating way throughout your vacation in Italy.




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