Italy has a long tradition of wine making and most recently  won the category of Best Wine in The World.  Despite the French trying so hard, Italy is currently at the pinnacle of their wine production. This past year, Italy took things up a notch, proving that French is no longer best in sparkling wines, and melt in your mouth cheese. Italy was  awarded the prestigious best Spumante (Italy’s answer to Champagne) and took home the award of the best soft cheese.  If these accolades aren’t enough to entice you to indulge in a wine tour then read on to find out why wine tours in Italy are about more than just tasting the wine.

YOU WILL Meet the Makers Behind the Wine:

Wine starts with people and grows into a family affair. Wine touring in Italy means first and foremost meeting the people that are around the wine production. These Wine families have often kept the tradition of wine making alive for generations and their history is deeply rooted in the territory where they have chosen to produce Vino. So when you wine tour in Italy, you will get insight into local history, unique stories, all while washing it down with a good bottle of red.

Taste wine that is Only available In Italy

On your wine tour in Italy you will have the chance  to taste wines that you would never be able to purchase back home! Many family-run  wineries do not have the means or man power  to export small quantities of wine.  Most simply cannot compete with the big names on a production level, so they decide to  sell locally within the country. Knowing it might be the only time you will be able to taste a specific wine will make the moment it hits your lips even more memorable!  Actually, it is probably the best reason to start planning you next food and wine tour in Italy and the perfect justification for a little extra vacation vino indulgence.


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Learn The Local Pairings

Even if you are a self-proclaimed wine expert there is always room for improvement. Discovering how to pair wines with new dishes, maybe even grabbing an old Italian recipe to take back home, is a great way to extend your palate and have a little fun learning on vacation. Every wine has its own perfect pairing and  by taking a wine tour you can discover the locals’ favourite way to enjoy each varietal. 


On any good wine tour in Italy, learning how wine is made is an integral part of the experience and each winery has their own way of cultivating the grapes and fine-tuning it to an excellent vintage. After your wine tour you will leave with a new appreciation of the hard work and dedication that goes into wine-making. Because that delicious liquid does not just appear after squeezing the grapes! It takes passion, science, and a connection to the land.

The Perfect Souvenir

A wine bottle beats any souvenirs you can buy!  Perfect as a present for a friend or simply a way to extend your vacation and wine tour in Italy upon your return home. By grabbing a unique bottle of wine from a small local winery you are not only gifting great memories, but supporting local families and  the continuation of their wine culture.  To top it all off you don’t just have to return home with just a single bottle! If you are from the US or Canada you can bring back 2 bottles per person. For those of you hailing from the Land Down Under, Australia is even more generous, allowing you to bring back 3 bottles per person! (But be sure to check with your country’s local regulations before picking up a bottle on your food and wine tour in Italy)

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Not Just Great Wine

Wine experiences in Italy always include some delicious local food! Italians are not in the business of making you try 10 wines at once without something to munch on. Sharing some food is an integral part of wine experiences, and a reflection of local Italian life. On a wine tour, the wine is often paired with local charcuterie, cheeses, and of course some Italian olives. If you have a sweet-tooth then make sure you leave some room tfor the very end.  On a proper wine taste the big finale will bring out  handmade biscotti or ciambellone  to be washed down and perfectly paired with a sweet wine like Vin Santo or Vino Cotto.


If you are looking to save on an award-winning vintage than taking a wine tour in one of Italy’s lesser known regions, like Le Marche, is a great way to save.  Offering amazing value for wine not only in the foreign market, but also in Italy,  in Le Marche  you can grab a bottle that has scored over 90 points on the Wine spectator’s scale for 20 dollars a bottle! To put that in perspective, a similar wine in Napa Valley or the Bordeux region of France would be easily be 3-4 times that price. Now that’s big saving!

It is easy to see that for the above reasons Wine Tours in Italy have become more popular in recent years. Wine tours are the perfect combination of food, wine, and history that makes immersing yourself in Italy’s culture as easy as clicking BOOK NOW

Have you experienced a truly authentic wine tour or culinary vacation in Italy?  If so we would love to hear from you, and what made it a tour to remember.




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